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20 Affordable Gifts for Yarn Lovers| Round Up

This was not what I had scheduled for this week, but I also didn’t schedule pneumonia to hit my household, so there are a few things that will be out of order this week.

I have been working on this list for some time, and since I am sitting here in my sweater, hot tea in hand, working on my Christmas shopping, I thought it fitting.

You have a dear friend who loves yarn. I mean LOVES yarn. You know it is a huge part of their life, but you know nothing about knitting or crochet. (I mean, do they knit or crochet? What the difference?)

Now, it is their birthday or you are their secret Santa, and you need a gift that is both thoughtful and affordable. Yarn is out because, let’s face it, yarn lovers have lots. of. yarn.

Here are 20 affordable gifts that any fiber artist will love, whether they knit or crochet. 

20 Affordable Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

  1. Yarn guide. This is a great little tool that comes in anything from plastic to custom made. They are worn on the index finger to guide yarn and prevent yarn burns.
  2. Yarn cutter pendant
  3. Tassle or Pom pom maker
  4. Yarn bag (travel bag)
  5. WIP bag (overnight style)
  6. In Case of Yarn Emergency wall art
  7. Adorable yarn-lover gear. These things are adorable! I have the “Sheepfaced” shirt, and I wear it regularly.  
  8. Folding scissors
  9. Yarn bowl. I have one of these adorable, silly face yarn bowls from Something Luck 13! Mine is named Murphy. He even came with a birth certificate! I also have a Harry Potter themed yarn bowl from Gryphonwyck. Check them out!
  10. Row counter
  11. Yarn coffee mug. Harry Potter themed yarn coffee mug! Yippee!
  12. Mini skeins of yarn. I know, I said I would avoid yarn, but putting these in a little bouquet is just too cute to pass up. And so much more practical than flowers. 
  13. Yarn sleeves. I forgot that these existed until I was gifted some vintage yarn from a friend and it was wrapped in a few of these! An oldie but a goodie. Also called “yarn bras.”
  14. Yarn caddy (foldable)
  15. Pencil or brush holder. I use this for all my scissors, hooks, pens, etc. 
  16. Crochet hook key chain
  17. Yarn winder
  18. Gift Card to local craft store
  19. Pretty stitch markers
  20. Crochet/Knit Journal. There are many at different stores, but this one is a free printable! Take it to an office store and have it bound for the yarn addict in your life!

And here is a cute way to wrap your gift using yarn pom poms, from the About A Mom blog.

Add a Personal Touch with DIY {Pom Pom} Gift Wrap

So there you have it, 20 ideas for your favorite yarn enthusiast!

Yarn on,


20 Affordable Gifts for Yarn Lovers
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