2019 Etsy Gift Guide for Crafty People

This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links. Everything on this page I either own or it is on my Christmas list. I won’t steer you wrong.

As an Etsy seller myself, I LOVE shopping for handmade goods, crochet patterns, and other awesome products from artists around the world. Most Etsy shops are run by independent entrepreneurs, just like me — maybe just like you.

I think we should all stick together in this world of craft business. For this reason, I put together an Etsy gift guide for crafty-crochet people like us. k

So in the spirit of blessing others who are in this crazy business, here are a few of my favorite recommendations from some of my favorite artists so you can purchase gifts this year from a fellow crafty geeky and help make their Christmas awesome too.

Don’t worry; there are no crochet finished items in this list — we are all making our own anyway. 😉

Funny Face Yarn Bowls by Somethinglucky13

I have one of these adorable, funny-face yarn bowls. Mine is named “Murphy,” and he came with a birthday and everything. The bowl itself is beautifully glazed and a perfect special crochet tool.

(Shipped from Nebraska, US)

Polymer clay dragons from Atria Polymer Clay

I got one of these for Christmas (yes, already.) This little dragon almost made me cry. It was so beautiful when I opened her! She is my new best friend. The craftsmanship is beyond amazing! Their eyes — the shimmer— the little footprints on the bottoms of her feet! WOW!

(Shipped from the Czech Republic)

Paper Bead Bracelets by Bookd

Aren’t these amazing?! Paper beads made from your favorite book! I think these are so classy and thoughtful. What an amazing gift they will be.

BONUS: The shop owner is offering an EXCLUSIVE COUPON just for my readers for 20% off until December 25th, 2019. Use coupon code “HBK19” for your discount!

(Shipped from Canada)

Yarn Themed Pendants by CrochetKnitJewelry

These are amazing. They come in several different styles, knit and crochet, and a variety of sizes. I am totally in love!

(Shipped from Croatia)

Stitch Marker/Progress Keeper Keychains from Crafty Like A Monkey

We all need stitch markers from time to time, but if you are anything like me, they are the LAST thing you actually put in your project bag or your purse when you leave the house. Well, what about an awesome keychain to go on your bag so you will never forget them again?

(Shipped from Minnesota, US)

Counting Bracelets from Jills Beaded Knit Bits

I LOVE this idea!! A bracelet to help you count stitches! You can count tens on one color bead and ones on the other, meaning you can count up to 100 stitches or rows. And they are so fashionable; you can wear them anytime and anywhere. Brilliant!

(Shipped from Pennsylvania, US)

Skein Wranglers from Cotton Tail Farm VA

I take my yarn with me almost everywhere, so something to keep my skeins and cakes in check is vital. These stretchy, simple “skein wranglers” are a great gift for your yarny friends. And they come in a wide variety of patterns.

(Shipped from Virginia)

I hope you find something awesome in this gift guide that inspires you, makes you smile, and gives you a great gift for your friends — or maybe for yourself. 🙂

Yarn on,


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