Lovers of Yarn, Welcome!

My Core Values


Nothing you will find at Hooked by Kati will be run of the mill. I am here to look outside of the classics and show off crochet as a medium to stretch the imagination, not just keep our families warm.

I promise to always have fresh, new ideas for you so you are always expanding your view of what can be done with this art form we love so much.


I want to see you reach a new level of talent you didn’t even know was inside you!

There will be a moment when you realize you are a real artist – that what comes from your hands is true, valuable, gorgeous art; I want to see you get there and celebrate with you when you do!


Inspiration often comes from seeing something differently or seeing something for the first time. I want you to be inspired by my designs.

My goal is for my patterns to inspire your creativity. Maybe you’ll use a new technique in a different way, or maybe you’ll take color to new levels. Use my patterns as your base of exploration.


Artists often say that they create because they must – because something in them needs to be let out and put on canvas, in print, or in yarn. It is that same need that keeps us crocheting day after day, even when our hands ache.

It sounds ridiculous to say crochet is our purpose, but to pursue a passion for great art – that’s a purpose we share with many of the greats. Be proud of that purpose. I know I am.

Why I Design

When I started out making amigurumi, I made a lot of round things – round owls, dogs, seals, octopi, guinea pigs – but when I went to stray from “round,” I found that there were less options for amigurumi. The patterns I found were either: 1. Way too complicated with no extra instructions for a crochet artist transitioning from “round” to “curvy,” or 2. They were full of attachments, and I mean FULL OF attachments!

There had to be a way to write better patterns that used more shaping and less sewing.

But for this type of pattern to be accessible, it also needed to be well written and easy to follow. This is my mission. It’s time to take amigurumi to the next level, and in the process, I promise to write patterns you can read easily, follow with confidence, and — dare I say — enjoy.

The Designer

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m Kati.

I live in Greeley, Colorado with my husband, two sons, and an American Hairless Terrier. When I’m not crocheting, you can find me tending my perennial garden, playing World of Warcraft (for the Alliance!), and volunteering with my husband in the Rebel Legion Star Wars Costuming Club.

As a designer, you can find my patterns in Crochet! Magazine, Simply Crochet, Crochet World, Happily Hooked and the Pattern Pack Pro, I Like Crochet, Annie’s special issues, Knotions, and Interweave Crochet. In fact, you may be surprised to find my byline on a few popular non-amigurumi designs, like the Roadtrip Hooded Scarf and the Butterfly Pram Blanket.

I’ve taught amigurumi classes for Crochet Guild of America and Interweave Yarn Fest.

I have also had the honor of speaking at the Crochetpreneur Crochet Business Summit and am a Student Mentor for Crochetpreneur Business Academy, helping other crochet designers and artist fulfill their dreams.

I believe in the powers of God, laughter, coffee, and the Oxford Comma.