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The next pattern in the 2022 Roly-Poly Mystery Chicku the Penguin!

Chicku, designed by Joy at Anvi’s Granny, is a wow-worthy new no-sew crochet penguin pattern.

What? No sewing!?
Nope! Not a stitch!

Don’t you love crochet patterns without sewing?

crochet penguin pattern with no sewing

Just like the other patterns in the Roly Poly Mystery Bundle, Chicku is a little chubby friend, but she is a little sleepy. Shh!! Don’t wake her up! I’m in love with her little eyelashes. 🙂 Squee!

Chicku the Penguin crochet pattern is FREE on Joy’s blog, in text-only format. But because of the no-sew assembly, I would highly recommend you upgrade your creative experience with the Premium Pattern. 

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