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Chicku the Penguin | Free Crochet Pattern

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The next pattern in the 2022 Roly-Poly Mystery Chicku the Penguin!

Chicku, designed by Joy at Anvi’s Granny, is a wow-worthy new no-sew crochet penguin pattern.

What? No sewing!?
Nope! Not a stitch!

Don’t you love crochet patterns without sewing?

crochet penguin pattern with no sewing

Just like the other patterns in the Roly Poly Mystery Bundle, Chicku is a little chubby friend, but she is a little sleepy. Shh!! Don’t wake her up! I’m in love with her little eyelashes. 🙂 Squee!

Chicku the Penguin crochet pattern is FREE on Joy’s blog, in text-only format. But because of the no-sew assembly, I would highly recommend you upgrade your creative experience with the Premium Pattern. 

All about the Roly-Poly Mystery Bundle

The 2022 Roly-Poly Mystery Bundle features 12 amigurumi patterns created in collaboration between Anvi’s Granny and Hooked by Kati.

The Roly-Poly Mystery Bundle will have twelve patterns: 6 designed by Joy from Anvi’s Granny and 6 designed by Kati from Hooked by Kati.

We chose our favorite animals (some real, some fantasy) and made them round, pudgy, and small enough to hold in your hand.

The best way to get them all is in their Premium printable PDF format, and at a HUGE discount, by purchasing the Roly Poly Mystery Bundle!

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