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Craft Fair Packing List

I’m a huge fan of lists.

They keep me organized, remind me of what I have accomplished, and decrease the panic that sometimes comes with the looming deadlines of being a freelancer. So of course, I have a craft fair packing list.

As I’ve gained more experience at attending craft fairs, my list has grown. I’ve added to the list that allows for contingencies and the challenges that come with the average fair. It is great to be ready for a smooth-running show, but, as they say, luck favors the prepared.

I have found out that you have to be prepared to make changes to your signage on the fly and clean up unexpected messes.

Pack For All Contingencies

In the case of outdoor fairs, there are many variables that are completely out of your control. I have found that these things help in case of outdoor emergencies.

  1. Extra Large trash bags in case it rains! You can tear them down the side and use them to cover your tables or you can wear them like a poncho (or giant trash bag Snuggy).

2. A large towel to dry off, well, everything.

3. Weights for your tablecloths and papers.

4. Weights for your tent! I can’t stress this enough! I’ve watch several vendors have their fairs ruined by one big gust of wind that flipped their tent and tables in one awful moment.

Free Downloadable Craft Fair Packing List

Here is my checklist for craft fairs. It covers a lot of situations and may add a small bag or tote to your supplies, but in the end, you will be happy you have every one of them.

Download my printable .pdf Craft Fair Packing List herecraft fair packing listI left extra spaces in each category so that you can add specific pieces that you need for your display or that make sense for you.

For example, my list also includes a sweatshirt and a Red Bull. I have found out the hard way that air conditioning is not always comfortable and there is not always access to coffee. (GASP!)

Please try out my list, and if you think of something that needs to be added, comment and let me know! What is your go-to supply that you NEED at every craft fair? I’d love to know!



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