Welcome to the Dragon’s Hoard!

Here at Hooked by Kati, our goal is to help all amigurumi crocheters embrace their role as an artist. In the Treasure Chest, you will find a collection of all the printables, guides, and courses I have developed to help amigurumi artists grow and improve their skills.


Just put in your email address for any or all of these awesome freebies! They are the perfect way to fine tune your amigurumi art or establish yourself as an expert amigurumi designer.


Amigurumi Attachment Mastery

A self-paced mini-course you can finish in a weekend!

Gain confidence and make your sewing attachments strong, smooth, and even, every time. Make sewing amigurumi parts easy and…dare I say….fun?

Make a single sample that teaches you five ways to sew amigurumi parts together.

Profitable Plush

The amigurumi-centric business course for plushy-powered entrepreneurs.

We’ll cover:

  • An amigurumi-centric approach to running a crochet design business
  • How to identify, find, and connect with your Ideal Customer
  • How to create a business that is authentic to who you are
  • How to write amigurumi patterns that create your loyal superfans
  • How to handle delicate customer service challenges

Flagship Course

Next-Level Amigurumi Design

A comprehensive, self-paced course for artists who want to create their own unique amigurumi designs or take their current designs to the next level.

Starts with fundamental shape creation, levels up to complex shapes, and culminates with a module on planning, sketching, and writing your patterns.

50+ Lessons, 50+ pages of workbooks and sample patterns, and 8+ hours of video tutorials.