Can you find the golden dragon egg hidden somewhere on the Hooked by Kati blog? 

If you can, you will get the Premium Pattern 2.0 for the egg for FREE!

How does it work?

Somewhere on the blog, you will find a golden dragon egg that looks just like this…

When you find it:

1. Click on it! 

2. Enter your email address. 

3. Go to your inbox to download your printable .pdf of the Textured Dragon Egg! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it? 

Really? I’m not telling! I can give you a few hints though. 

It won’t be big. That would make the challenge too easy! 

And it will be on a post along with the pattern for a member of the egg’s family. 🙂

Browse through patterns on the blog and look for the egg. There is not tried-and-true method. Just start looking! And when you find it, all you have to do is click on it! 

What pattern do I get for finding the egg?

The pattern you will get as a reward is the pattern for the egg itself. The pattern for the golden dragon egg is called the Textured Dragon Egg. 

It is a Premium Pattern 2.0, meaning it is a printable .pdf file with check boxes for every round. It’s a great preview of how great the Premium Pattern 2.0 experience can be. 

The pattern can be made around a giant plastic egg (9″ tall x 18″ circumference) or you can stuff it with Polyfil to make a fluffier, cuddlier egg.

Will filling in my email address sign me up for the HbK newsletter?

Yes, it will. If you like the patterns here on Hooked by Kati, you will love the newsletter. I won’t spam your inbox. I promise every email I send will have valuable content for you, like great discounts on Premium Patterns, cool tips for great amigurumi, and more fun games like this one! 

If you don’t want to be added to the mailing list, you can choose to “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email containing your download link. No hard feelings. 

I found the egg and entered my email address, but I don’t see anything in my inbox.

The email containing your download link could take a few minutes to send. If you haven’t seen it within 15 minutes of entering your email address, check your Spam folder.

Can I still get the pattern if I’m already a VIP on the mailing list?

You bet! Entering your email again will not affect your VIP benefits in any way. Fill in your email to get your pattern and you will still get your email containing the download link for the Textured Dragon Egg pattern!