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granny stitch star crochet pattern

Granny Stitch Star | Free Crochet Pattern

The Granny Stitch is a popular and fun stitch, and it can be used to make so much more than just squares. The Granny Stitch Star is a simple, fast pattern that can be used for all sorts of projects, from coasters to buntings and blankets.

This 10 minutes pattern is a great way to celebrate Independence Day or just to embrace a great new stitch.


Worsted Weight yarn

Furls Odyssey H (5.00 mm) hook

Granny Stitch Star Pattern

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Ch 4. Sl st in 4th ch from hook to make a ring.

Rnd 1: Ch 3, 2 dc in ring, [ch 2, 3dc] in ring 4 times. Sl st in top of ch-3 to join. (5 3-dc clusters)

Rnd 2: Sl st to next ch sp. Ch 3, (2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) in ch-2 sp, [(3 dc, ch 3, 3  dc) in next ch-3 sp] 4 times, sl st in top of ch-3 to join.. (10 3-dc clusters)

Rnd 3: Sl st to next ch sp. Ch 3, (2 dc, ch-3, 3 dc) in ch-3 sp, sc in space between next two clusters, [(3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) in next ch-3 sp, sc in space between next two clusters] 4 times, sl st in top of ch-3 to join. Bind off and weave in ends.

Try it out! And when you are done, leave me a picture or comment about how you are going to use your stars!


granny stitch star crochet pattern
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    1. It would depend on your tension and what kind of yarn you use. Since they are fast, I would recommend making one and weighing it or frogging it and measuring for an accurate yardage.

  1. Fantastic pattern. I’m making some to use as appliques on elf Christmas hats. I don’t know what Terry meant about crab stitch as I don’t see that in the pattern but after she makes hotpads it’s a great edging to put on those

  2. I used a L hook,added rows to make a placement. I am not good at reverse singles so I just did singles. Using the L hook I added 3 rows make two put them together and made hot pads. Thank you very much. The pattern is easy and they came out looking great.

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