Groovy Llama crochet pattern – Neck and Front Legs video tutorial

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By popular demand, I’ve established a series of video tutorials for the Groovy Llama pattern. Links to every video will be added to the original pattern post and to the YouTube channel.

The first section of the pattern will be the Neck and Front Legs. It is one piece, starting at the top of the neck and working down, then “branching” into two legs.

This video covers every step of the piece, leaving sections to pause and finish each round or set of rounds as you go.

The entire Groovy Llama amigurumi pattern can be found here, for free, in a web-only format.

For the Premium version of this pattern, which is a printable .pdf, professionally edited and formatted, you can purchase it for only $2.50 on Etsy or Ravelry.

Groovy Llama amigurumi crochet pattern | Neck and Front Legs video tutorial | Hooked by Kati
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