Now Offering Hand-Dyed Yarn on Etsy@
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Hand-Dyed Yarn Now Available!

New Product!

I’m very proud and super excited to now offer my hand-dyed 100% cotton yarn in my Etsy shop!

In honor of Memorial Day, and in honor of all those who have given their lives to give me the life I have in this country, I chose to make my first yarn in the shop a color I call “Star Speckled.”

Get your Star Speckled yarn here!

Now Offering Hand-Dyed Yarn on Etsy@

All of my yarns are hand-dyed by me. They are hand-washed and rinsed for at least 30 minutes, conditioned for softness, and hand-rinsed again for another 30 minutes. There is love in every hank. Even more so in these first hanks.

I LOVE working with these softened cotton worsted weights to make amigurumi. They do amazing things to bring out personality. They are also amazing for Summer wearables.

More colors will be added VERY soon, so subscribe to the blog or like the Etsy page to get yours before they are gone!

Now Offering Hand-Dyed Yarn on Etsy@
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