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Finished amigurumi preferred sellers made from Hooked by Kati patterns

Hooked by Kati Preferred Amigurumi Sellers

I can’t take orders for finished items anymore. Between designing the latest pattern and teaching classes, I don’t have time.

But there are amazing, talented crochet artists who are making finished amigurumi from my patterns with my absolute blessing (after all, I don’t have time!).

This is where you can go to find a reputable Preferred Seller on Etsy or Facebook to make your dream dragon….or unicorn or whatever…if you have your heart set on a plushy made from a Hooked by Kati design.

These artists are the best of the best. Their work has been approved as a quality, well-made representation of the Hooked by Kati pattern.

Look for this badge on Etsy listings to find approved artists for a given pattern.

If you are searching for a finished product of a Hooked by Kati pattern, turn to these artists first. You are going to get a far superior product over their competitors making the same pattern.

How do find an artist?

The directory below consists of Preferred Sellers and their Etsy/Facebook/Instagram shop links. Please consult the directory for which Hooked by Kati patterns each shop takes orders for.

All business is between you and the shop owner! I do not and will not handle any orders or disputes.

Preferred Sellers

Shop NameWhere They SellWhich Hooked by Kati Patterns, They Take Orders For
Everything in Knots CraftsFacebookVincent the Dragon, Charlie the Dragon, Wonder the Dragon
The Far Left Hand CornerEtsyDragon Cross Body Bag
ChezTaya – La fabrique à câlinsEtsyMurdock the Kelpie
Faby CrocheInstagramYing the Panda
Aunt Bev’s Yarn CraftsFacebookVincent the Dragon, Ulyssa the Unicorn, Charlie the Celestial Dragon, Elephants in Love
Crafts by SpanglerFacebookVincent the Dragon, Charlie the Celestial Dragon, Ember the Phoenix
LauraCrochetThisEtsyCharlie the Celestial Dragon, Wonder the Birthday Dragon, Hatching Dragon Egg, Ember the Phoenix, Regal the Peacock
Inspired By MargotInstagramLewis the Dodo

How To Become a Preferred Seller

Do you make and sell items made from Hooked by Kati patterns?

Do you have a shop on Etsy or Facebook where you market your business?

Would you like to be on this list?

Would you like to have a fancy badge for your Etsy listing touting your awesomeness?

I ask 3 things to be on the directory:

  1. You credit on the listing somewhere.
  2. You do not make major changes to the pattern. (After all, people are here shopping for THESE creatures, so they need to be close to the original.)
  3. You have made the item before and have experience with it. I will not add a shop to the list that has never done one of my patterns. Ideally, you have been making and selling them for a while and have examples I can see.

Send me your info through this form.

Please allow up to five days for a response.

Yarn on,


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  1. is there any way to contact the preferred seller Crafts by Spangler other than facebook?
    i dont use facebook, sorry for any inconvenience.

  2. I’m re-learning after 40 years. Today, the print is larger and the patterns are unique. Thanks for posting.

  3. Hi Kati

    i have enjoyed creating amigurami, some from your designs and some from other sources –
    i currently do not sale anywhere other than word of mouth – but i still keep creating new work- i would be intersted in selling on line – still working on setting up my etsy crochet store- can i sign up to be a prefered artist on your list – with my instagram account? i am also a potter so there are items that are pottery reated on that as well!
    you can take a look at ir to decide.
    would love to hear back your response – and guidence
    thank you for your time.-
    my instagram is @ambianart

    1. Absolutely! The only rule is that I need a place to send the customers who find you here! So if you sell via Instagram now, that’s fine. I can add your Etsy shop later as you get it done. Or you can wait until your Etsy shop is up and running. 🙂 Either way, I look forward to getting your application!

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