how to brush and fluff loop stitches on crochet amigurumi

How To Brush & Fluff Loop Stitches | Video Tutorial

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One of the things that makes the loop stitch so versatile for amigurumi crochet is its ability to stay together even when the loops are cut and brushed out. You can create an amazingly fluffy and soft fur by snipping the loops in half and brushing them out with a firm bristle brush.

How to Brush and Fluff the Loop Stitch to make awesome fur for your amigurumi! From Hooked by Kati

Take Note:

  • This should go without saying, but don’t use the brush you use for your hair every day. I like to use a good stiff hair brush from the dollar store that is my designated “fluffing brush.”
  • Use acrylic yarn! This is very important. Wool will fall apart very easily and cotton will remain more “stringy” than fluffy. The best yarn to brush out is acrylic.
  • Don’t be alarmed at the amount of fuzz that may come out. Acrylic yarn is resilient, but it will shed as your brush. If you come up with something cool to do with the fuzz, let me know. Perhaps it would work for needle felting?
  • Alternately, you can use a wire brush (like one to clean automotive parts). This will make the brushing go much faster but will do more damage to the yarn, so be gentle. Work on a surface you don’t mind scratching, like a piece of wood.
  • When you miss snipping a loop, the fuzz that comes off will look longer than the rest and it will stand out. Don’t fret! It’s a great way to find the loops you missed while cutting! Just snip the missed loop and continue as normal.
  • When you cut the loops, stretch them up as straight as you can and snip at the top of the loop. That way, each loop will be cut in half, and they will all be the same length.
How to Brush and Fluff the Loop Stitch to make awesome fur for your amigurumi! From Hooked by Kati

Snipping and Brushing Loop Stitches

This tutorial features Red Heart With Love yarn.

Keep practicing and you will have it down in no time!

Now Show Off Your Skills!

I’d love to see your beautiful fluffy fur! Take a picture and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #hookedbykati or tag me directly with @hookedbykati. Your beautiful stitch work could be featured in our weekly newsletter!

Want to use your new skill in a few amigurumi patterns? Here are a few Hooked by Kati patterns that feature brushed out loop stitches!

If you need more help with the loop stitch, check out this video tutorial which also includes increases and decreases in the loop stitch.

Have more questions? I’m always here to help! 

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    1. Great advice 🙂 I like to use the excess fluff as stuffing for toys and other things. It’s much softer than polyfill I love it

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