How To Foundation Double Crochet | Video Tutorial

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Let’s face it, starting chains, especially on long projects or large item, are a pain.

Have you ever:

  • Chained the wrong amount and had to tear out either chains or stitches to correct it after the first row?
  • Had one end of the blanket tighter and narrower than the other?
  • Made a top-down sweater and the neck hole had no stretch?

What if you could go right into that first row of dc stitches without chaining?

If your pattern starts with a row of dc, you can use this stitch to skip the starting chain entirely, giving you a stretchy, even, easy-to-count row of dc to start your project.

image of finished foundation dc

The foundation double crochet is often abbreviated “fdc” in US terms or “ftr” in UK terms. It is also sometimes called the “chainless dc” or “chainless foundation dc.”

Foundation Double Crochet (fdc) Video Tutorial

This tutorial features Red Heart With Love yarn and is done with a size H (5.00mm) Furls Streamline Andromeda hook.

Foundation Double Crochet: Step By Step

  1. Chain 4.
  2. Yarn over, insert hook into 4th ch from hook, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through one loop on hook. (Base “chain” of stitch made)
  3. Yarn over, pull through two loops on hook.
  4. Yarn over, pull through two loops on hook.

Keep practicing and you will have it down in no time! 

Now Show Off Your Skills!

Finished mummy themed soap dispenser mason jar photo

Make this simple mummy mason jar soap dispenser by simply creating a long strip of foundation dc.



  1. Glue googly eyes to mason jar.
  2. Wrap foundation dc strip around the jar, over and under the eyes, and glue the ends to the back side of the jar.
  3. Fill with your favorite liquid soap.
  4. Assemble soap dispenser lid and screw it on.
Another photo of mummy mason jar soap dispenser.

This technique is also a great way to start a Waffle Stitch Blanket!

I’d love to see you new stitches! Take a picture and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #hookedbykati or tag me directly with @hookedbykati. Your beautiful stitch work could be featured in our weekly newsletter!

Have more questions? I’m always here to help! 

Yarn on, 


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