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How to Tie the Magic Knot | Video Tutorial

The Magic Knot is a great skill to have in your tool box. It is faster than the Russian Join and leaves no tails to weave in from the change. 

Talk about simplifying your scrap busters! 

When done correctly, (practice, practice, practice!) this knot will hold for the life of the item AND you can cut off the tails RIGHT AT THE KNOT! 


Yep, you can tie two strands of yarn together, pull them tight, and then cut the tails right off, leaving only a small knot that is easy to work around as you crochet. 

I recommend this method in two situations.

  • When you run out of yarn and need to join to another skein of the same color. 

This method allows you to simple work over the knot and keep going without losing momentum or adding ends to weave in. 

  • When you are making “Frankenskeins.” (I did NOT coin this term, I just love it and use it a lot.)
How to Tie A Magic Knot from Hooked by Kati
My Frankenskein. (I’m so proud.)

One method of using up your yarn scraps or “scrap busting” is to make one giant ball of yarn out of all the short pieces of yarn that were too long to throw away but too short to make a Mini Owl. You can use the Magic Knot to tie them all together and use your Frankenskein to make new, colorful projects that do not require weaving in any ends! 

Magic Knot Video Tutorial

This tutorial features Red Heart Super Saver yarn. 

The Magic Knot: Step By Step

  1. Tie a knot with Strand 1 AROUND Strand 2. Then repeat making a knot with Strand 2 AROUND Strand 1. The two strands will never be tied together — they will each tie around the other. 
  2. Pull the knots tight.
  3. Pull the working ends of both strands until the knots butt against each other tightly. They will pull each other together as the yarn is pulled. 
  4. Cut the tails off at the knot. 

If done correctly, this will create two knots that only pull each other tighter when either side of the join is pulled. 

How to Tie A Magic Knot from Hooked by Kati

So here is your challenge! Get started on a Frankenskein of your scraps. I keep an ongoing ball near my desk and any time I have left over yarn (of the same weight as my Frankenskein), I add to it. 

When you are done, you can use your Frankenskein in place of any continuous strand of yarn to make anything! 

Perhaps a REALLY colorful Llama is in order. 

Or maybe a technicolor Guineacorn!

The possibilities are endless! 

But remember, the more random the color combinations in your Frankenskein, the better it will look. 🙂 

Have fun! And post pictures of your Frankenskeins (and your Frankenskein monsters!) in the Facebook Group or on Instagram with the hashtag #hookedbykati! 

Have more questions? I’m always here to help! 

Yarn on, 


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