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Hygge Hedgehog free amigurumi crochet pattern, by Hooked by Kati for Underground Crafter
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Hygge Hedgehog | Free Crochet Pattern for Underground Crafter

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I had the amazing honor of writing a guest pattern for Underground Crafter! It is one in a series I will be doing for Underground Crafter over the next few months. First up, meet Hygge Hedgehog! He is so much fun to make and snuggly soft.

Go get the free Hygge Hedgehog pattern at Underground Crafter!

All of the amigurumi patterns will be made featuring two exquisite Red Heart yarns: Red Heart Soft and Red Heart Hygge. Red Heart Hygge yarn is being discontinued. I have found a great substitute at Mary Maxim called Purely Soft.

What? Hygge for Amigurumi?

That’s right! Amigurumi using Red Heart Hygge!

Hygge Hedgehog free amigurumi crochet pattern, by Hooked by Kati for Underground Crafter

This luscious combination of yarns makes for some extra-snuggly little critters. The Red Heart Soft has a nice shimmer to it that adds character and depth to little faces, and the Hygge – well, if you haven’t had a chance to use it yet, you are missing out. It is feather-soft with a light, furry texture. It is fluffy but still smooth enough to easily show your stitches while working. 

The first little fellow is an expressive new friend. His expressive eyes are slightly sculpted. His body is made in all one piece, and his traditional sharp quills have been replaced by the ultra-soft Hygge, making him the perfect cuddle buddy.

In fact, my youngest son has stolen him from my workshop and sleeps with him at night now. (Say it with me now, “Awwwww!”)

Hygge Hedgehog free amigurumi crochet pattern, by Hooked by Kati for Underground Crafter

So hop over the Underground Crafter for the Hygge Hedgehog free crochet pattern!

I had so much fun to work with this yarn in this style. I would have never thought of Red Heart Hygge as an amigurumi yarn! Now, I will be using it regularly for things like snuggly toys or baby blankets. It’s SO SOFT!!

This pattern can also be purchased as a Premium Pattern for only $2.00 (printable, ad-free, downloadable .pdf file) here.  It can also be found on Etsy or Ravelry.

Get the Whole Collection, Printable!

The whole Hygge Woodland Critter amigurumi pattern collection is available as a printable .pdf download, professionally formatted, for only $4.50 for the set!

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