hygge owl free amigurumi crochet pattern for Underground Crafter by Hooked by Kati
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Hygge Owl | Free Crochet Pattern for Underground Crafter

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Behold! The second pattern in my three-month amigurumi series Underground Crafter: the Hygge Owl!

Like his Hedgehog and Squirrel counterpart, the Hygge Owl is another great way to show off this gorgeous, fluff-tastic yarn in the form of something huggable.

And who can resist those eyebrows?

Go get the free Hygge Owl pattern at Underground Crafter!

This pattern also features a video tutorial to help you create his adorable, over-sized feet. Find the foot tutorial here.

Hygge Owl, a free crochet pattern on Underground Crafter by Hooked by Kati.

All of these amigurumi patterns will be made featuring two exquisite Red Heart yarns: Red Heart Soft and Red Heart Hygge.

Amigurumi using Red Heart Hygge!

Red Heart Hygge is one of my favorite yarns now. Between this fun amigurumi series and my First Snow Cardigan, I am totally addicted to it.

Red Heart Hygge yarn is being discontinued. I have found a great substitute at Mary Maxim called Purely Soft.

This luscious combination of yarns makes for some extra-snuggly little critters. The Red Heart Soft has a nice shimmer to it that adds character and depth to little faces, and the Hygge – well, if you haven’t had a chance to use it yet, you are missing out. It is feather-soft with a light, furry texture. It is fluffy but still smooth enough to easily show your stitches while working. 

Hygge Owl, a free crochet pattern on Underground Crafter by Hooked by Kati.

As the second in the series, the Hygge Owl is the same size and general shape as his buddy, the Hygge Hedgehog. They both have the same color painted safety eyes as well. I tried to give the owl some different features from the typical owls out there, and his mega-fuzzy eyebrows did just that! What a face!

Hygge Owl, a free crochet pattern on Underground Crafter by Hooked by Kati.

The consensus around here is that he looks slightly perturbed. I think he’s just smarter than we are and silently judging the puny humans.

So hop over the Underground Crafter for the Hygge Owl free crochet pattern!

And while you are at it, go get the Hygge Hedgehog free crochet pattern as well!

This pattern can also be purchased as a Premium Pattern for only $2.00 (printable, ad-free, downloadable .pdf file) here.  It can also be found on Etsy or Ravelry.

Get the Whole Collection, Printable!

The whole Hygge Woodland Critter amigurumi pattern collection is available as a printable .pdf download, professionally formatted, for only $4.50 for the set!

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  1. I purchased the Hygge Woodland Critters and was charged $5.00 using Paypal. Is there an extra 50 cents charge for using Paypal? You have $4.50 for the set.

    1. The price on this page is a misprint and I will correct it. The price was correct on both Raverly and the listing page, where you would have purchased the pattern.

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