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IKEA Peg Board | Craft Room Organization

I have to introduce my new IKEA peg board to everyone!

This is my office space, where I work every day to bring you new patterns and videos. I felt the need to share my space with you all because sometimes it’s fun to see what is on the other side of the screen. 🙂

These were a breeze to hang and have SO many optional little holders and clips and jars…I’m obsessed!

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  • Linda Valencis

    Excellent idea! I am constantly looking for ways to declutter having gone from a 14-room house (blessed craft room of course) now in a 1 bedroom apartment. Ill be looking up this on Ikea. thanks for sharing this item…also like the way you showed magic loop in granny square blanket tutorial. have subscribed and looking forward to learning more. BTW, I have learned crocheting via You Tube. a real beginner, and am stumped on reading crocheting written directions. Am a pretty good knitter and have no problem with knitting written directions. Think I need to really practice each crochet stitch. Glad to br one of your students.

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