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Halloween Hooked by Kati
Hooked by Kati

It’s Never Too Early For Halloween

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. In our house, Halloween decorating begins on September 1st because all of October needs to be celebrated, so there is no time to decorate.

This September, I am going to focus Hooked by Kati on designing some fun Halloween-themed crochet patterns and projects.

Halloween Hooked by Kati

I’m going to focus on some great Dollar Store crafts and how to incorporate all kinds of cooky-spooky finds into your decorating, especially those that use yarn.

It’s time to get creepy!

The first Halloween pattern will be released this Saturday, September 1st.

Halloween Wreath Hooked by Kati

So forgive me for this week being a little quiet, and get ready for a fun, creepy, gooey, crafty (and witch-crafty) month of September 2018!

Yarn on,


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