What is Hooked by Kati Plus?

It’s an annual membership that gets you the Premium, printable .pdf of TWELVE new Hooked by Kati amigurumi patterns (one every month of 2021) at a huge discount! 

Plus you get the new pattern two days before they are publicly published!

Plus you get a once a month Facebook live event for members walking through the new pattern and all of its features.

Hooked by Kati is open for new 2021 memberships!

Over the years, I’ve found that a number of my wonderful customer keep coming back, pattern after pattern, and buying each one on release day.

I wanted a way to say thank you to my repeat customers and those who have loved all the Hooked by Kati patterns.

So, I came up with a way to offer a huge discount to the customer who want ALL the patterns as a thank you for coming back every month for the latest amigurumi design.

Hooked by Kati Plus

Plus members will get:

  • The big 12 Premium Patterns of 2021 as they are released (one per month). Premium Patterns are printable, ad-free .pdf files with TONS of helpful tutorial photos unavailable in the free version.
  • Access to each pattern TWO DAYS before the general public.
  • Monthly LIVE events showcasing each new pattern and its features, and Q & A time with Kati!

Normally, if you buy each Premium Pattern individually, it would cost you $84.00 over the course of the year.

The annual membership will cost only 


for a whole year of Premium Patterns!

 That’s 47% off the list price of the patterns! 

Plus you get the live events to walk you through each one so you know you are doing your best crochet art, every time, the first time.

What Patterns can I expect?

The theme for 2021 here at Hooked by Kati is “Mythical Creatures.”

Oh yeah!

Think feathers, scales, horns, wings, and bright colors.

Just for fun, here is a sneak peek of a small part of my vision board for this year.

Kati's vision board for mythical creatures 2021

*Images do not guarantee a pattern for that creature. This is a glimpse into the sources of inspiration, and yes, that is a lot of World of Warcraft.

Do I get all 12 patterns at once?

Well, no.

Most of these aren’t written yet! Plus members will get access to the .pdf of each pattern as they come out throughout 2021.

Two days before each pattern is set for public launch, Plus members will get access in the Members’ Area to download the Premium Pattern before anyone else!

There will also be smaller freebie amigurumi patterns throughout the year for features like blog hops and holidays. These are NOT included in the Premium Patterns for the Plus members. The Plus members get Premium Patterns of the “Big 12,” if you get my drift.

What if I join mid-year?

If you join in the middle of 2021, you will still have access to all patterns from this calendar year. That is, if you join in April, when you visit the Members’ Area, you will have access to January, February, March and April’s patterns.

You will then get the new patterns as they come out as well.

Memberships that are started mid-year will still end on December 31st, 2021 with all the rest.

The membership gets you access to the 2021 line of patterns, period.

So, can I wait and join later?

No way!

If you don’t join now, you will miss out on the awesome live events, where you can ask questions, get really great visual guides for assembly, and actually get to talk to Kati, live!

If you join now, you will be sure to get every pattern as they come one, and a few days ahead of the public.

Plus, who knows what shenanigans Kati has planned that you might miss! 😉

But aren’t these patterns also free?

Yes. The web-only, text-only versions of the patterns will still be available on the blog, with ads. That is the only way I’m able to give them away for free.

For the ad-free, printable version, with LOTS and LOTS of tutorial photos, the Premium Patterns are the way to go.

Premium Patterns improve the whole crochet experience by making steps easier and the pattern itself more accessible. This is especially true for amigurumi, when there are so many steps and wonky parts that can be explained better with photos than in words.

You can buy Premium Patterns at any time, but the Hooked by Kati Plus membership will get the 12 biggest and best patterns of the year for you at a significant discount.

These patterns will sell for $7 each to the public, but with your one-time payment for the year, they average out to less than $4.00 per pattern!

I can’t wait for this year’s patterns! I’m so excited!

They all make me so insanely happy to be working on — and you know how much I love safety eyes.

This is going to be the best amigurumi year ever!

The Legal Stuff

Because of the nature of digital merchandise, I cannot offer refunds for memberships.

All patterns are intellectual property of Hooked by Kati LLC. They may not be distributed, copied, photographed, or resold in any way.

You may make and sell the finished products of these and any Hooked by Kati patterns, but please credit Hooked by Kati on the listing or craft fair tag out of respect for the work I put into each design.

All memberships end at midnight Mountain Time on December 31st, 2021. At that point, the Member’s Area will be cleared out for the 2022 patterns. I recommend you download all .pdf files to your computer or device before that date.

For now, if you wish to add your patterns to your Ravelry library, contact me directly.

Memberships will NOT automatically renew for the following year. You will have to sign up again for the next year’s membership.

If you suspect the membership was purchased by mistake or due to fraud, please CONTACT ME before contacting Paypal. I can fix it much faster and with less mess.