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Murdock the Kelpie | Video Tutorial

Last week, you were introduced to Murdock, the latest member of the Hooked by Kati amigurumi family. This week, I would like you to meet Isla, Murdock’s sister.

Isla was created in order to make you guys a comprehensive, complete video tutorial of how to assemble your own kelpie amigurumi.

The video is broken into two parts, because — well, frankly — it’s really long.

The first part covers the head, nostrils, eyebrows, ears, neck, and attaching the head to the neck.

The second part is the tail, tail fins, neck and tail spines, and legs, as well as attachments for those parts.

All video tutorials are designed to accompany the free written pattern. The video is not to be considered a complete stand-alone pattern.

This written pattern can also be purchased as a Premium Pattern for only $3.00 (printable, ad-free, downloadable .pdf file) here.  It can also be found on Etsy or Ravelry.

Kelpie Video Tutorial

The following video tutorials are done using Red Heart Super Saver Stripe in Parrot Stripe, my G (4.00 mm) Furls Odyssey hook, and clear safety eyes (painted by me) and an insertion tool from

Part 1: Head and Neck

  • Head: 00:00:03
  • Eyebrows: 00:22:36
  • Ears: 00:23:39
  • Nostril Flairs: 00:28:21
  • Head Assembly: 00:30:51
  • Neck: 00:36:26
  • Head/Neck Attachment: 00:49:36

Part 2: Tail, Fins, and Legs

  • Tail: 00:00:04
  • Tail Fins 00:19:26
  • Tail Fin Attachment: 00:30:02
  • Tail to Neck Attachment: 00:34:02
  • Bent Leg: 00:35:58
  • Extended Leg: 00:56:38
  • Attaching Legs: 01:01:35
  • Attaching Spines: 01:06:34

Other Useful Tutorials for This Pattern

This a video tutorial for Murdock the Kelpie, a crochet amigurumi from Hooked by Kati. The tutorial is in two parts.
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  • Sophia

    I REALLY like this pattern, but I cannot find anything on how to do the spines either… I know you said it was omitted, but when will that video be added? Thank you so much!

  • Jen Gallinger

    hello…i thank you very much for video as im a person who is best with visualization…u will never know how much this video means to me…but i cannot find the pattern for the spins…can u plz tell me where or what the pattern is for the spins…tyvm

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