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Hooked by Kati

Now Accepting Guest Designers!

So, now that we are friends let’s trade stuff! You know, like Pokemon and pogs, and Backstreet Boys sweatshirts…

Or how about patterns?

I love writing designs for my friends’ blogs, so I think it is time that I start publishing more patterns by guest designers like you!

If you love the patterns you find here and think, “This lady would make a great partner in crime for my growing pattern business!” then please fill out this form and send it my way.

I will be accepting 4-5 guest designers for 2020 who want to write a fun, colorful, happy patterns for my audience of readers.

Your pattern will be posted for free only on the Hooked by Kati blog. You will retain all the rights to that pattern, and you may sell the individual pattern in your own collection and on your blog.

In exchange, we will work together to get traffic to your blog, bring attention to your designs, and have some fun networking in this wonderful world of crochet design.

Guest Designer Application

Talk to you soon!


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