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How To Paint Glitter Safety Eyes | Video Tutorial

Glitter safety eyes are a great way to add a pop of sparkle to any amigurumi project. In this video, learn to DIY your own by painting clear safety eyes with any combination of glitter colors to create custom eyes for your next plushy! This is a great way to create the perfect DIY safety eyes for amigurumi!

Once upon a time, I bought blue, brown, and black safety eyes from the big box craft store. I thought that was “good enough.” Then, I discovered and their HUGE selection of clear safety eyes that I could paint myself.

Now, every amigurumi I make has custom-painted safety eyes.

And then, I discovered glitter eyes.

Learn how to paint your own custom glitter safety eyes with this fun and easy step-by-step tutorial!

There are only a few colors of actual “glitter paint,” but I found a huge variety of glitter at craft stores, online, and even at Dollar Tree!

That got me thinking.

Why not mix the glitter myself and use a clear sealant to put in on my safety eyes?

So I bought a whole bunch of little jars, expanded my glitter collection, and started painting.


(I included my Amazon affiliate links for my favorite supplies. I also have found almost all of these things at Dollar Tree.)

Paint brushes: Nothing special. The cheapos for kids work great.

Palette: Anything with wells to mix your glitter.

10-Piece brush set and 2 Palettes

Mod Podge: This is a sealant, a lot like Elmer’s white glue. It is white in the bottle, but dries clear.

8 oz Mod Podge, Matte

Safety Eyes: My favorite (and the only ones I use) are from Glass Eyes Online. Get CLEAR plastic safety eyes in any size with any pupil. I have a whole toolbox full waiting to be painted. 🙂

Glitter: The possibilities are endless! Get all sizes and textures. Here are my favorites:

Little jars: I’m obsessed with cute ways to store my craft stuff, and my glitter collection was getting out of hand (and making a fine mess), so I bought these. They are great when you find awesome glitter, but it doesn’t come in a resealable container.

Set of 24 5ML Mini Glass Jars

Clear nail polish: I use this to waterproof my safety eyes so I can wash my amigurumi. Again, Dollar Tree! Doesn’t need to be fancy — just any clear nail polish will do.

Play-Doh safety eye holders: I made little safety eye holders by squishing eyes, round side down, into some Play-Doh and letting it dry. This gives me a place to set my eyes so they don’t roll around while I’m painting or while they are drying.

A plastic zip-close bag: MY SECRET WEAPON! Use this to hold your palette and your brush between coats so your glitter mix doesn’t dry out!

How To Paint Glitter Safety Eyes pin


  1. Mix your glitter in one well of the palette.
Find Golden Egg on the blog, get the pattern for free!

It doesn’t take much, so use a little until you have about 1/3 a well full of glitter mix. Use the back of the paintbrush to mix it the way you want it.

What it looks like mixed dry is what it will look like to the eye!

2. Add the mod Podge.

Only use a tiny bit, so the well is now only about 1/2 full with your glitter/Mod Podge mix.

3. Use the paintbrush to paint the flat side of the safety eyes.

Paint the flat side of the safety eye, the one with the post sticking out of the middle. DO NOT paint the round side!

Start with your brush near the post, and pull out toward the edge. Do not go over the edge or get paint on the round part of the eye.

4. Let dry.

While each coat is drying, put your palette and your brush in the plastic bag and seal it. Keeping your glitter mix air-tight will keep it from drying out as fast.

5. Apply 3-4 more coats, drying between each coat.

The number of coats will depend on your preference. Add coats until the glitter looks the way you want it from the front of the eye.

6. Seal.

When the last coat is good and dry (I usually wait an hour or so), apply a layer of clear nail polish on top of the last coat. Don’t put nail polish on the round part of the eye.

Because Mod-Podge is water-based and will soften in the washing machine when you wash your amigurumi, you need the nail polish to act as a water-proof seal on the painted safety eyes.

7. Install and enjoy!

Video Tutorial

Have any other great tips for your fellow safety-eye enthusiasts? Do you have other ways to paint safety eyes or other places to find your favorite glitter?

Share your knowledge in the comments!

And I’d love to see your finished glitter safety eyes! Post pictures in the Hooked by Kati Crochet Community Facebook group to share your awesome creations!

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