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Pattern Round Up | 10 Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

With one day left until the Halloween Party day of the year (aka, the Saturday before Halloween), I’m guessing a lot of you are not in full-blown Create Mode. I, for one, don’t have a whole lot of time on my hands, as there are still decorations to put up, bathrooms to clean, and a boys’ room that was hit by a Nerf dart hurricane during the night.

So instead of finishing my amazing cardigan, or working on some adorable critter, I will be cleaning…and probably cooking…

That does not, however, mean you should be! So get out there and create something awesome! And think of me scrubbing my floors while you do…knowing someone is out there crocheting will make me feel better. 

10 Free Halloween Crochet Patterns | Round Up!

I’ve done a Halloween Round Up of my favorite Halloween patterns I have found this year from various designers. There have been some amazing things created this season! Here are 10 of them!

This Skullduggery Doily from Crochet Kingdom is a great way to decorate a table!

Erishkigal Skully Snowflake from Warmer Than A Witch’s Knits is amazing! I love the detail! Oh dear, and the web site name is just too much. 🙂

Skull Earrings by Divine Debris! I might even have time to make a pair of these. 🙂

Eye Ice Cream Cone from Leithygurumi! This one won me over in a big way!

This is Red Heart pattern for an awesome Halloween Top Hat! Last-minute costume anyone?

A classic, the Lost Souls Shawl by Maryetta Roy. It is amazing in every color and works up so nicely!

I threw in a few of my own here at the end. 🙂

The 10-Minute Eyeball Rose is all over my house, in various forms. 🙂

free crochet eyeball rose pattern | Hooked by Kati

My favorite accessory, the Spider Web Newsboy Cap.

Spider Web Newsboy Hat | Premium Pattern | Hooked by Kati Spider Web Newsboy Hat | Premium Pattern | Hooked by Kati

The adorable Zombie Mermaid, Necrocia. Oo-la-la!

Zombie Mermzombie mermaid amigurumi free crochet pattern | Hooked by Katiaid crochet pattern printable .pdf | Hooked by Kati

A fun and fast Rick Rack Pumpkin. Looks great in lime green and purple too!

Find Golden Egg on the blog, get the pattern for free!

rick rack pumpkin crochet pattern | hooked by kati

And of course, what Halloween party would be complete without dressing up your wine bottles?

The Dracula Wine Bottle Cape!

dracula wine bottle cape | free crochet pattern | hooked by kati

Okay, so that was 11. But I had to include that last one because it’s just too fun! And it takes about 10 minutes to make.

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