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What Are Premium Patterns?

Premium Patterns are available through your favorite pattern shopping sources, Etsy, Ravelry, and Love Crochet. These patterns are either not available on the blog or they are upgraded versions of Hooked by Kati free crochet patterns.


Premium Patterns are:

Professionally formatted using a standard magazine style sheet.

Thoroughly edited.

In a printable .pdf file format.


Exclusive designs unavailable elsewhere


Why Buy Premium?

All over Hooked by Kati, you will find a plethora of free crochet patterns. However, these free patterns are “web-only” patterns, meaning they can only be viewed on the blog with access to an internet connection.

Most of the free patterns are also available for a small fee ($2.00-$3.00) in Premium Pattern format, meaning you can upgrade your experience for the cost of a small Starbuck’s coffee.


With a Premium Pattern, you can:

Save it to your computer to use offline.

View it on an e-reader.

Print it out, and crochet in your favorite chair instead of in front of the computer.

Print it in a larger size so you don’t have to look at your phone screen.


Some patterns are only made available as Premium Patterns. Exclusive Premium Patterns cost a little more ($3.50-$5.00), but they are greater in length, and they have had a great deal more time and effort put into their completion and publication to make for the best crafting experience possible.


Premium Patterns are available through three retail websites.

Etsy (many options for payment, including credit/debit, gift cards, and Paypal)

Raverly (Allows you to store your patterns in their database for easy sorting and access)

Love Crochet (Allows you to purchase the pattern, yarn, and any supplies needed simultaneously)