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The Ultimate Hooked Planner! The biggest, most comprehensive printable crochet and knitting journal EVER! This planner features all the best from other journals, plus a few new things. Print using Adobe Reader for ability to scale size to any binding method.


Introducing the Ultimate Hooked Planner! The best crochet planner (or knitting planner) EVER! This planner will help you organize your yarn and tools, track your projects, run our business, and even draw up new designs!

This is NOT a physical product! This journal is a printable .pdf file!

Forty Two pages (yes, 42 pages!) of helpful forms, charts, and cheat sheets!  Printable in any size you wish using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here.

This is a PRINTABLE .PDF file! This is not a physical journal. You must print out your desired pages and bind it with your method of choice. I prefer disk bound journals (such as the Happy Planner or the TUL notebooks from Office Depot). Directions are included to shrink and print in the size of the Classic Happy Planner (7″ x 9.25″).

Section 1: Reference Guide

  • Crochet abbreviations, including Tunisian, US to UK translations, and symbols
  • Knitting abbreviations
  • Hook sizes
  • Yarn weights and suggested hooks
  • Standard measurements for blankets, socks, and hats
  • “How much yarn will I need?” chart

Section 2: Get Organized

  • Yarn Stash forms with place for swatches (forms to sort by weight or by color, your choice!)
  • Project Forms, including yarn used (with rating), pattern used (with rating), notes, and even a page for photos!
  • The Queue…your list of projects in progress.
  • Hook/needle inventory sheet
  • Time tracker, so you know how long you worked on a project
  • Yarn Bucket List
  • Pattern Bucket List

Section 3: Run Your Business

  • Monthly Profit & Loss Statement
  • Craft Fair Packing List
  • Inventory sheet
  • Custom Order tracker
  • Address Book
  • 1-Year Calendar at a glance

Section 4: Create & Submit Designs

  • Garment Plan (female)
  • Garment Plan (male)
  • Pattern Plan (for non-garments, like amigurumi Teehee!)
  • Submission tracking
  • Acceptance tracking
  • Rights and when they expire (when you get published)
  • Blank Doodle page
  • Blank graph paper with light and dark grid

Garment Plan (female) video.

Instructions are included on how to print in Adobe Acrobat Reader to scale down your pages to Happy Planner size or pre-cut paper sizes.


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5 reviews for The Ultimate Hooked Planner | Crochet and Knitting Journal

  1. Jennifer Morgan

    In looking forward to using this planner.I’m only a confident beginner,so I’m also looking forward to using this to hopefully begin a business

  2. Sharon J.

    Helping me to organize!

    • admin

      Right!? I love to keep my plans and things together. I’m glad it is helping you!

  3. Tonia Del Pozo

    Dry informative

  4. Linda S.

  5. Linda S.

    I cannot even begin to express my joy at having this to keep track of all the componets of my hobby/business. It has every subject and even some that I hadn’t thought of. Will be using this for a very long time. Thank you Kati!!!!!

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