rainbow peacock treasure hunt

Rainbow Peacock Treasure Hunt

Happy June!

Pride Month is all about love and acceptance.

It’s not only celebrated by people in the LGBTQA community — it’s not even about agreeing with everyone’s lifestyle — it’s about embracing the wonderful fact that we are all different, and we ALL deserve to be loved and respected. It’s about working toward creating a world where honor and kindness are commonplace, not some rare, impressive character trait.

So whether you are celebrating Pride because you proudly love who you are or you are celebrating Pride by showing love for the rainbow of people around you, this month is full of joy and positivity.

So in honor of this, I created a few modifications to my Regal the Peacock pattern. The Pride Peacock Pattern is available to your for FREE for the whole month of June, but you have to venture on a quest to get your copy.

I know, “Oh no! Not participation!” but it’s a solo mission (no raid group required), so hopefully that will be more appealing. 🙂

How It Works

  1. Around the blog, there are hidden six (6) rainbow-colored peacock feathers. They look like this:
  2. Use the clue below to find Feather #1, Red.
  3. Click on the Red feather and it will send you to a page with the clue to find Feather #2, Orange.
  4. Continue in this manner until you have found all six (6) feathers; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.
  5. When you find the sixth feather (Purple), it will take you to a page to input your email address so you can get your PDF pattern sent directly to you.

The Feathers Looks Like This:

The First Clue

The first feather’s hidden among red and white stripes,
Near a pattern that resembles candy cane types.


  1. Purchase the Premium Pattern 2.0 from Etsy or Ravelry. You can find it in the shop.
  2. Wait until July 1st, when the modifications for the pattern will go live on the blog in free, text-only format. The changes for the rainbow feathers (yes, there are more changes than just color), will be posted as a new blog post after the Rainbow Treasure Hunt ends.

The body, wings, beak, and feet are the same pattern. The feathers, however, have been changed in both shape and colors. I made them more “feather shaped” (as they needed to be), and they have now been cut, and brushed to really make them pop!

If you DO NOT have the Regal the Peacock pattern yet and have been waiting, this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Come at it from several angles! If the next clue isn’t giving you enough hints, you can even go as far as to systematically work through the blog and search. It’s up to you!

But please don’t ask in the Facebook Group or share the answers! This is supposed to be a game. When you share the answers, you take away the fun!

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