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Roly-Poly Mystery Bundle 2022

The 2022 Roly-Poly Mystery Bundle features 12 amigurumi patterns created in collaboration between Anvi’s Granny and Hooked by Kati.

The Roly-Poly Mystery Bundle will have twelve patterns: 6 designed by Joy from Anvi’s Granny and 6 designed by Kati from Hooked by Kati.

And oh man, are these little guys CUTE! We chose our favorite animals (some real, some fantasy) and made them round, pudgy, and small enough to hold in your hand.

You can get them all by purchasing the mystery collection or you can buy them one at a time as they are released.

Either way, these guys are going to be the highlight of MY year, and I hope yours as well.

January: Tiamo the Valentine Axolotl

February: Jack the Tiger

March: Rory the Robin

April: Hubert the Blob Fish

May: Peace the Unicorn

June: Max the Fox

July: Abner the Alligator

Patterns will be released on the first Friday of every month.

Each pattern will be available at a discounted price during their feature month and then will revert to full price after that.

But the BEST way to get them all at the best discount is to buy the whole collection as ONE purchase, and they will be added to your ebook automatically.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

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You have three options:

1. Purchase the bundle for a one-time purchase of $45.00 as an ebook on Ravelry. ($3.75 a pattern!)

Patterns will be added to the collection each month for for you. You can purchase the collection at any time and get ALL 12 patterns — those that have already been released and any future patterns for the year.

2. You can purchase each pattern from the designer during the featured month.

During the featured month of the latest pattern, you can buy the individual pattern from the designer for a great discount! No coupon required! Discounts appear in the cart.

NOTE: Patterns purchased via Ravelry will be $5.00 and will be slightly more via Etsy due to Etsy’s sale requirements.

3. Wait and purchase each pattern at any time after their featured month from the designer at full price.

After the featured month is over for each pattern, the price for the individual pattern will go up to $6.00.

Twelve adorable patterns
One purchase
Huge discount!

It’s so easy!

You won’t want to miss ANY of these beauties. And since you will want them all, why not get them at 40% off?

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