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Romanian Cord Crochet | Video Tutorial

A crochet Romanian cord can be a great ace up your sleeve as a designer or artist. It’s nice to able to add a strap to a wristlet or purse and it be easy, fast, and made from the same yarn as the rest of your project.

Sure for larger purses, like the Dragon Cross Body Bag, I crochet around a chain, but for something small, like the Dragon Scale Clutch, a crochet cord is the way to go.

Romanian cord crochet video tutorial

Romanian Cord

Here is the video tutorial for this crochet cord:

Ready to add it to a pattern? Go check out the Dragon Scale Clutch Pattern!



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  • Brenda

    I have been collecting “cords” since I learned to finger-braid back in the days when I belonged to a medieval reenactment group. Gotta lace the bodice, don’t you know. This one looks nice and sturdy – I’m looking for yarn now. Thanks so much for feeding a relatively harmless addiction! 🙂

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