Sleepy Lovies Pattern Collection from Hooked by Kati, a Premium printable .pdf
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Sleepy Lovies | Crochet Pattern Collection

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It’s here! A collection of four adorable crochet “lovey” blanket patterns, including three different styles of blankets, all in one printable ebook! Your favorite Hooked by Kati amigurumi are now sleepy babies attached to small blankets to create the perfect baby shower gift.

Sleepy Lovies Pattern Collection from Hooked by Kati, available as a printable .pdf digital file, image

Four Lovey Patterns Plus Blankets!

Sleepy Lovies is inspired by a few familiar patterns, a dragon, a unicorn, an elephant, and I’ve included the original Sleepy Moose Lovey to round out the collection.

Then, I added in my favorite three (yes, THREE) styles of baby blanket to mix-n-match with the lovey of your choice. They all start in the center and crochet out in a granny stitch style. This makes it easy to add a lovey head (that center tail comes in handy!) and it works up quickly.

With the exception of the Sleepy Moose Lovey (which is also available as a free, web-only pattern), the Dragon, Elephant, and Unicorn lovies and the mix-n-match blankets are only available in this collection.

More pictures here!

Sleepy Lovies Pattern Collection from Hooked by Kati, available as a printable .pdf digital file, image

They are modifications of the original patterns, Vincent the Dragon, Ulyssa the Unicorn, and the Elephants In Love.

While they are at their core familiar patterns, I made changes to soften their expressions and make them more “baby friendly” as well as gave them sleepy eyes so they can be more cuddly.

All these patterns are done with Red Heart Super Saver yarn, because it is allergy-friendly and washable. However, any Aran/Worsted weight yarn will do. I also love Paintbox Simply Aran.

What is a Lovey?

A lovey blanket or security blanket is a small blanket with a stuffed animal attached at the middle point. Lovies are a great baby gift. They can be used as car seat blankets to cover the baby’s lap, and they give the baby something to grab and hold onto. 

Sleepy Dragon Lovey crochet pattern, ebook collection, Hooked by Kati image

Babies love to squeeze a tactile object, so why not keep it attached to their blanket? You can now tuck in the blanket around the baby and keep that beloved toy right in front where the baby can always grab a hold. 

A lovey can quickly become a baby’s favorite cuddle buddy, whether in their car seat, a bouncy seat, or a swing. 

Unlike a standard amigurumi, baby lovies often lack safety eyes that could be a choking hazard for a baby. They are also lacking bodies (obviously), and only need simple front legs. 

A few weeks ago, I published an article, How To Make Any Amigurumi Pattern Into A Lovey Blanket. I thought that I was making simple changes to some of my favorite amigurumi patterns and show you how to make those changes.

However, I was overwhelmed with requests for a written, complete pattern for how to make Vincent into a lovey, as well as the Elephants in Love — step by step and easy to read, just like the rest of my patterns.

So I assembled this collection!

All the assembly photos you love and a few blanket patterns too!

Sleepy Lovies Pattern Collection from Hooked by Kati, available as a printable .pdf digital file, image
*pages out of order to show detail

Three Blankets to Mix-N-Match

I think this blanket is my favorite.

Modified Granny Square stitch, Sleepy Lovey Pattern Collection, image

I know, I would should love them all equally, but this one has the classic look of a granny square with less holes and more of a color block vibe. The color changes come out more defined rather than the natural zig-zag of the granny square.

What do you think?

I gave a lot of lovies to babies this summer. 🙂

Which lovey are you going to make first?

Who is the lucky baby?

Sleepy Lovies Pattern Collection from Hooked by Kati, available as a printable .pdf digital file, pin

Yarn on,


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