Tech Editing

Especially if you are new to writing patterns or if you have never worked with a magazine/book technical editor before, I would strongly suggest having a tech editor service.

Did you know every newspaper has at least THREE copy editors go through the paper before it is printed? Have you ever found an error in the newspaper? Of course! Sometimes, even three sets of eyes miss errors. Can you imagine how the paper would look with only one editor? The amount of errors would look unprofessional, messy, and would be hard to read. Personally, I don’t think I would buy that newspaper again.

With my tech editing service, you get:

  • Stitch counts and row count checks
  • Professional “crochet grammar” check
  • Check gauge and measurements
  • Check supplies and other requirements
  • Standardization of abbreviations and language
  • An experienced designer polishing your work
  • A ready-to-publish .doc file, ready to save to .pdf for publication

$15/ hour for the first three hours, $20/hour for every hour after third, billed on the half hour.

For beginning designers, I offer a special deal of $30 for unlimited editing time on your first pattern.*

Most of the time, the first pattern takes the longest to tech edit, because the writing is unfamiliar with the standardized style guide. This can make that first pattern upwards of $75 to edit in some cases, even for a short pattern!

The start up deal allows you to learn from some of your more common mistakes, and therefore lessens your future costs of tech editing.

 Email me for details or to start your first tech editing project!


  • I take payment through Paypal, but an order through Etsy can also be arranged.
  • Normal editing time is 3-4 days, depending on the time of year. I take off two weeks in December to make my family Christmas gifts and two weeks in July for a large Arts Picnic in town.
  • I work in Word with .doc files. I will send you a file with notes and you will need to accept the changes and answer any questions before I send a complete, edited file back.

*A first pattern is defined as your first pattern for future publication with me as your tech editor. This is a flat fee offer, paid up front.