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The Ultimate Hooked Planner

Okay, so the first printable Hooked Planner was awesome. I used it every day. My projects were tracked and organized, and my yarn stash was sorted by color.

But in my business and in my life as a freelance crochet designer, constantly tracking magazine submissions and acceptance when rights expire…and who was that contact for that craft fair downtown? DAH!

I have slowly printed out and added page after page to my original Hooked Planner. An address book and calendar at a glance so I can see when I have patterns scheduled to publish… And I would make the next page I needed to stay organized and then add it to my ever-growing planner.

Every day I thought, “Someone else would really love this new page too.”

“Hey, Kati, someone else needs this craft fair packing list or this profit & loss statement.”

I made it a reality with the printable Ultimate Hooked Planner, the combination of all the forms I use daily as a professional crochet designer and (let’s face it) a yarn junky.

Get it now at its special launch price of $11.99!

Putting It All Together

So, one day I took all the pages from my homemade yarn journal/craft business planner. I loaded them all into one document, and I started formatting.

And formatting…

And formatting… until four sections existed, each for a different purpose.

Section 1: The Reference Guide

This is the classic and beloved Yarn Lover’s Reference Guide. I have a copy of this printed and in my purse, so when I go yarn shopping, I have it handy. I recommend it be the first 11 pages of your planner. It includes:

  • Crochet abbreviations, including Tunisian, US, to UK translations, and symbols
  • Knitting abbreviations
  • Hook sizes
  • Yarn weights and suggested hooks
  • Standard measurements for blankets, socks, and hats
  • “How much yarn will I need?” chart

Section 2: The Organizer

This section is for all of us — the hobby crocheter, the yarn lover, the pattern addict. This section includes:

  • Yarn Stash forms with a place for swatches (forms to sort by weight or by color, your choice!)
  • Project Forms, including yarn used (with rating), the pattern used (with rating), notes, and even a page for photos!
  • The Queue…your list of projects in progress.
  • Hook/needle inventory sheet
  • Time tracker, so you know how long you worked on a project
  • Yarn Bucket List
  • Pattern Bucket List

Section 3: Handmade Business Planner

This section is for those of us who run a small business with our craft. This section helps you get ready for craft fairs and track inventory, plus other necessary business stuff. This section includes:

  • Monthly Profit & Loss Statement
  • Craft Fair Packing List
  • Inventory sheet
  • Custom Order tracker
  • Address Book
  • 1-Year Calendar at a glance

Section 4: Designer Planner

This is my bread and butter. I have to admit that these pages are very useful, whether you design to submit your ideas or you want to sketch up an idea for yourself or a loved one. I am very proud of these design forms. They have kept my brain in order, my design plans more linear and made it easier for me to submit my ideas to magazines. This section includes:

  • Garment Plan (female)
  • Garment Plan (male)
  • Pattern Plan (for non-garments, like amigurumi Teehee!)
  • Submission tracking
  • Acceptance tracking
  • Rights and when they expire (when you get published)
  • Blank “Doodle” page
  • Blank graph paper with light and dark grid

Hard Copy?

Let’s make it happen! Help me spread the news of the Ultimate Hooked Planner, and hopefully, very soon, I can start having them bound and make hard copies available.

But for now, the Ultimate Hooked Planner is a printable .pdf. It comes with printing instructions to adjust the size. It is great in a standard 8.5″ x 11″ or sized down to fit in the Classic Happy Planner system. You could have it bound at a professional print shop or do it at home.

I would highly recommend disc binding. This binding method is most commonly found in The Happy Planner or the TUL from Office Depot. All you would need is a disc binding punch and the discs.

The Printable Ultimate Hooked Planner, a crochet and knitting journal for hobby, business, and design. 42 pages plus a reference guide.
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