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Hooked by Kati


I bought a pattern and I can’t find it/download it.

Step 1: Check your email and your spam folder for the order confirmation. Whether you purchased through Ravelry or Etsy, you should have a confirmation email that will contain a link to the .pdf file.

Step 2: (If purchased through Ravelry) Log in to your Ravelry account and go to your Library. On the left side there is a folder called “Purchases” that will have all of your purchased patterns in it. Check there for your Hooked by Kati purchase and download the file.

Step 2: (If purchased through Etsy) Log in to your Etsy account. Click on your portrait icon and click “Purchases and Reviews” on the drop down menu. Your recent purchases will be listed on the page. To the right of your pattern purchase there will be a button that says “Download files.”

Step 3: If you have multiple email addresses, check to see if the pattern was sent to a different one that you think. For example, if you were not logged in to Ravelry when you made the purchase through the HbK Shop, the pattern confirmation email may have gone to your Paypal email address, not your Ravelry one.

Step 4: If you have logged into your respective account and you can’t find the pattern, email me at Include the order/receipt number and/or email address associated with your Ravelry/Etsy account. With confirmation, I can email you the .pdf file you purchased.

Can you print and mail me the pattern?

Unfortunately, I do not offer printing services.

If you are unable to print from home, seek out a local printing service like Kinkos or Mail N’ Copy. They will be able to print files you send to them via email or bring in on a flash drive/memory stick.

Another great resource is your local library. They will often print for you for just the cost of the paper.

I need help with a pattern!

No problem! I would be happy to help!

But first:

  1. Read the whole pattern to see if your question is answered further in the assembly instructions. Some patterns have placed markers and pins that may not make sense right away but will be used later on to help with assembly and part placement.
  2. Double check and make sure that the pattern you are working on does not have a video tutorial. The video tutorial may be able to answer you question.
  3. Go to the Facebook Group and search for the pattern you are working on. There are many people in our little Hooked by Kati family who might have finished the project on which you are stuck. It’s a fast way to get some help on something specific.

If you still can’t find your answer, fill out a contact form and I will reply as soon as I am able and help you through it.

I found an error in a pattern.

Please tell me! I’m only human and I make mistakes. Things sometimes get through tech editing. If you find an error, please use the contact form and let me know!

Do you make/sell finished amigurumi?

Because I want to spend as much time as possible making the next cool pattern for you, I no longer take orders for finished products. However, I have a directory of Preferred Sellers who DO take custom orders for finished products based on my patterns. Use the directory to find the maker for your next purchase!

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  • Kathy Stairs

    Have made the sloth. Loved doing it but do you just sew the head on at an angle or what. Never said is instructions. Thanks.

  • Sandra Foster

    Having trouble with the instructions for the two horns! I am new to crocheting and am very confused! I could not find a tutorial. Pictures would really help????????????????

    • admin

      Sandra, do you mean the horns on Vincent the Dragon? Please send me an email or use the contact form and I can answer with more specifics. Thanks!

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