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Trumpeting Elephant Video Tutorial – Part 2: Body and Legs

The second installment in our Trumpeting Elephant construction and assembly tutorials is on the body and legs.

The body is a simple cylinder, so I didn’t spend much time on it, but I did go into detail on how to attach legs. This method can (and really should) be used for all amigurumi part attachment. In fact, I use a portion of the video in my 5 Tips for Perfect Amigurumi Part Attachment post.

This video covers both the front and back legs, as the back legs are a little bit different.

The back legs on the Trumpeting Elephant are attached slightly farther back on the body than you would naturally be tempted to attach them. They need to be positioned this way in order to compensate for the elephant’s rather large head. Otherwise, he would topple over all the time.

Once you have your legs attached, you should have a body that stands firmly on all four legs, like a quality table. It should not wobble or fall over. If it does, you didn’t weave in your ends, so you can move the legs to correct it. 🙂

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  • Patty Boyer

    The photo reminds me of the (totally hilarious!!!) skit Tim Conway did years ago on the Carol Burnett show. Everyone rolled in the aisles, including the hostess!!! Look it up on youtube – “Tim Conway elephant, about halfway through – well worth your time!

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