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Trumpeting Elephant Video Tutorial – Part 1: Head and Ears

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The crochet pattern for the Trumpeting Elephant is one of my favorite classic amigurumi patterns. Elephants are incredibly popular in nursery themes and as good luck charms.

Did you know an elephant with its trunk in the air brings good fortune?

This little guy is no exception!

Free Elephant Amigurumi Crochet Pattern | Hooked by Kati

The Trumpeting Elephant is a popular pattern on Ravelry and on, but I received many requests for a video tutorial. It is a rather long process, so I broke up the tutorial into three parts: The head, leg attachment, and head-to-body attachment.

I will release them one at a time since they are long videos.

Consider it a sort of Crochet Along (CAL). If you follow each video the day it comes out, you will have an adorable elephant when you are done!

So here ya go! The first video tutorial for the Trumpeting Elephant crochet pattern!

Head and Ears Video Tutorial

The tool to attach safety eyes can be found at It’s part of my Favorite Tools for Amigurumi.

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