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Upcycled Cart for Craft Fair Display

I upcycle cool things I find in thrift stores to use in my craft fair setup, but everything I get has to fit into two categories: They have to be wood or metal (or a combination), and they have to look new again once I paint them. I don’t do the distressed look because it doesn’t fit with my theme.

So when my youngest son decided he had finally outgrown his tiny shopping cart, I asked him if I could have it. (The plastic food remains, however, for a routine game of restaurant here and there.)

Upcycled Cart for Craft Fair Booth
Upcycled Cart for Craft Fair Booth

He was as excited to see it come together as I was! He even picked out the color for the new paint job.

Sometimes, all it takes is a few coats of spray paint (okay, like four) and some time to make something awesome for your craft fair display. This will fit nicely on my table this summer full of yarn or pokeballs.

I also took apart and repainted the chalkboard border on the front and hit the actual chalkboard with a Magic Eraser to make it “work” again. I always use Bistro Chalk Markers for my signage because they are so crisp and pretty and come off cleanly with (you guessed it) a Magic Eraser.

What do you think? What is your favorite piece of your craft fair setup? What does it say about you and your work?

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