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The Worry Pet | Free Stash Buster Crochet Pattern

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Scrap/stash busting patterns are vital for our crochet hobby but in my extremely biased opinion, there are not enough stash buster amigurumi patterns. I am trying to change that. Introducing the Worry Pet.

A Worry Pet is a little fluffy round dude, usually with overly large eyes.

free stash busting amigurumi pattern, crochet a worry pet, pin

Tell your worries to the Worry Pet and he will do the worrying for you. Leave your stress and anxiety with him so you don’t have to carry it around all day. 

These make awesome stash buster amigurumi! 

The more crazy the color combinations, the better.


The Worry Pet is a simple stash buster amigurumi. It is made with the loop stitch (video tutorial found here), in a ball. 

Tip: If you do the loop stitch ball inside out, it is easier to do the loops. Just turn the ball right side out again before you attach the safety eyes and stuff. 🙂 

The loop stitches are then cut, leaving raw ends of yarn all around the Worry Pet. 

You can then use a hairbrush — the bristly kind — to firmly brush the yarn out into the fluffy mass of cuteness that is a Worry Pet. 

Don’t be afraid to brush HARD and brush in every direction so to fluff all sides of the yarn strands. 

I would HIGHLY recommend only using acrylic yarn for this project. It holds up best when brushing and fluffs out nicely and loses less fuzz than other fibers. 

This pattern can also be purchased as a Premium Pattern for only $2.00 (printable, ad-free, downloadable .pdf file) here.  It can also be found on Etsy or Ravelry.

The Worry Pet

All patterns are written in US terms using Craft Yarn Council abbreviations.

Intermediate. Knowledge needed of chains (ch), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc), increases and decreases. Knowledge of loop stitch is recommended.


  • Scrap Yarn Ball, worsted weight acrylic, approximately 150 yds/ 3 oz, mixed yarns. For best results, use acrylic yarn only. (I recommend using the Magic Knot tutorial to make your “Frankenskein.”)
  • Furls Odyssey G (4.00 mm) hook
  • Two 24mm colored round-pupil safety eyes
  • Polyfil stuffing
  • Tapestry needle
  • Bristled hairbrush or slicker brush


4” in diameter, after fluffing


Gauge is not important for this amigurumi. Be sure to use the same hook throughout to ensure proportional size.

 Pattern Notes

  • Work in continuous rounds. Do not slip stitch unless otherwise specified by the pattern.

 Pattern Stitches

  • Loop-st inc – Loop Stitch Increase: Work two loop stitches in same st.
  • Loop-st – Loop stitch: Insert hook through st, loop yarn back to front over index finger, slide hook over nearside of loop, grab farside of loop and pull through st, yo, pull through both loops on hook, remove finger from loop.
  • Loop-st dec – Loop Stitch Decrease: Insert hook through st, yo, pull through st, insert hook through st, loop yarn back to front over index finger, slide hook over nearside of loop, grab farside of loop and pull through st, yo, pull through both loops on hook, remove finger from loop.

Instructions for the loop stitch, including increases and decreases, can be found here.


Ch 2.

Rnd 1: 6 sc in second ch from hook. (6)

Rnd 2: Loop-st inc (see Special Stitches) in each st around. (12)

Rnd 3: [Sc, inc] 6 times. (18)

Rnd 4: [2 Loop-st (see Special Stitches), loop-st inc] 6 times. (24)

Rnd 5: [3 sc, inc] 6 times. (30)

Rnd 6: [4 loop-st, loop-st inc] 6 times. (36)

Rnd 7: Sc evenly around.

Rnd 8: Loop-st evenly around.  

Rnds 9-12: Repeat rounds 7 and 8 twice.

Insert safety eyes on st apart between Rounds 9 and 10.

Rnd 13: [4 sc, dec] 6 times. (30)

Rnd 14: [3 loop-st, loop-st dec (see Special Stitches)] 6 times. (24)

Rnd 15: [2 sc, dec] 6 times. (18)


Rnd 16: [Loop-st, loop-st dec] 6 times. (12)

Rnd 17: Dec 6 times. (6)

Cut yarn. Thread needle through front loops of remaining 6 stitches. Pull tight to close. Weave in ends.

Snip the loops of each loop stitch. Using hairbrush, brush firmly in all directions to fluff yarn. It is normal for brush to be full of fuzz. 

All finished? Share your art work by posting a picture in the Gallery!!

Post comments and pictures on social media with the hashtag #hookedbykati, or tag me @hookedbykati. You can also post pictures on the Facebook Page, or in the Hooked by Kati Crochet Community Facebook Group.

You may sell products made by this pattern, but please link back to hookedbykati.com or credit Hooked By Kati on the craft fair tag. Do not copy this pattern for distribution or sale; that’s not nice and also illegal.

If you run into a snag, drop me a line! I respond quickly and will help any way I can to clarify any confusion or challenging stitches.

Find more free patterns like this at allfreecrochet.com.

free stash busting amigurumi pattern, crochet a worry pet, pin

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Yarn on, 


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