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Crochet Basic Stitches | Video Tutorial

So, you bought your first skein of yarn and a hook, you are in your comfy desk chair, and now…you have no idea how to crochet.

The first three things you will need to know are how to make a slip knot, how to chain, and how to make a single crochet. Before you ever start your first pattern, practice these things several times until you feel comfortable with them all.  

The Slip Knot

Getting started with crochet  starts with a slip knot. You will need to put this slip knot over your hook at the beginning of every project.

My favorite method for making a slip knot, I call the “walking “ slip knot.

Start by holding the end of your yarn between your thumb and index finger at the second knuckle. Wrap the yarn over your second knuckle, then again over your first knuckle. Then take the loop from the second knuckle and “walk” it over the first knuckle. Then talk that loop on the first knuckle and “walk” it over the first loop and off the end of your finger. Pull tight and take the knot off your finger.

This slip knot will pull tighter when you pull on the tail end. Do not pull this too tight when you put it over the hook.

Chain Stitch

The next step is to learn to chain. This is abbreviated in a pattern as “ch.” Every pattern will start with chaining a certain number as a foundation to start the project.

Once you have your slip knot over your hook, let the tail hang loose and using the working end of the yarn, loop the yarn over the hook, then using the end of the hook, pull the yarn through the slip knot. For the next chain, loop the yarn over the hook and pull through the loop on the hook.

Repeat this until you have at least 25 chains. Take out the hook and pull all the chains out. This will feel AWFUL, but ripping out stitches is part of crochet, and it is something you will get good at.

Practice making chains and ripping them out several more times. Practice using even tension so the loops on your chains are all the same size and you have a clear front and back of the chain.

Single Crochet

When you have mastered chaining, move on to the first stitch, the single crochet. This is abbreviated in a pattern as “sc.”

To start a row with sc, you need to skip the first chain. This is because if you were to insert your hook back into the first chain, then it will just undo your chain.

Look for the side of the chain that has only one loop. Skip the first chain and insert your hook into the second loop, front to back. Wrap the yarn over the hook and pull it through the chain. You will now have two loops on your hook. Wrap the yarn over the hook and pull it through both loops on the hook. You have made your first Single Crochet!!

Repeat this into the next chain.  Practice making sc’s down your chain. Rip them out. (I know it hurts!), and start a new chain and do it again!

Keep practicing keeping your stitches and chains even, with similar tension.


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