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Crocodile/ Dragon Scale Stitch | Video Tutorial

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The crocodile stitch (or dragon scale stitch) adds a lot of character and texture to a piece. It’s one of my favorite stitches to add texture to a piece — and it can be added to almost anything if you know how.

There are a number of tutorials out there for this stitch – and almost none of them match.

Truth is, there are a few different ways to do it. The number of chains between stitches and the method for creating the foundation row seem to vary from designer to designer.  

I developed my method after trying several different ones. The foundation row is slightly changed so there are fewer gaps between stitches; I also use two chains between each foundation stitch so the scales lay flat once finished. I hope this helps you on your crocodile stitch adventure!

If you would like a photo and written tutorial, I did one a while back for my method. The photo samples are in the round.

Starting Out

The Crocodile Stitch is built over two rows. A foundation row, which creates the dcs you will use to make each scale, and what I call the “scale row” where you will actually create each scale.

Working flat, chain in factors of 6 + 2. So, for a flat piece the width of a scarf, I would chain 42 + 2 =44. Each scale spans 6 chains, so adjust depending on your piece.

Working in the round, you do not need the extra chains that count as your first DC, so you can just chain in a factor of 6.

A great deal of stitch tutorials use a dc as the single space. I choose to use an SC to decrease the gap between scales, thus preventing big holes in the work between each scale. This is especially helpful when using the crocodile stitch for bags or clothing. 

Have fun adding crocodile stitches to your work!   

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Crocodile Dragon Scale Stitch Crochet Video Tutorial | Hooked by Kati
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