denim duet scarf free crochet pattern @ joy of motion crochet by Hooked by Kati guest blogger

Denim Duet Scarf @ Joy of Motion Crochet

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I’m honored, excited, and so appreciative of Janne at Joy of Motion Crochet for the amazing opportunity to be a guest blogger on her awesome crochet blog!

I offered up the idea of the Denim Duet Scarf, and she was amazingly supportive of the process, even as my ideas changed mid-game, and I decided to add a second color to the scarf. I really loved how the Demin Duet Scarf turned out!

Denim Duet Scarf on Joy of Motion Blog by Hooked by Kati

This scarf has been a blast to make, and I have worn it all over town in the last few weeks, receiving tons of compliments. It’s long, thin, and very versatile. The Denim Duet Scarf can be tied an a huge number of ways, and there is a video on the blog post offering up a few of my favorite ways to tie this stylish scarf.

You can also get the pattern as a printable .pdf instant download HERE for $2.00 or on Etsy.

GO! Check out the new Denim Duet Scarf FREE crochet pattern by me (as a guest blogger) at Joy of Motion Crochet!

Thanks, Janne!

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