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Stop snagging stuffing when sewing ami parts

Stop Snagging Stuffing When Sewing Amigurumi Parts

Arguably the hardest part of amigurumi crochet is part attachment. So many artists struggle with the aspects of sewing together amigurumi pieces. In this post, I want to talk about a common challenge for ami artists — snagging stuffing when sewing amigurumi part attachments. Sometimes stuffing is snagged in the stitches and you are left with a few scraggly strands or blobs sticking out between stitches. Let’s explore how the right needle and a few expert tips can make all the difference in your amigurumi projects.

Stop Snagging Stuffing When Sewing Amigurumi Parts

The Right Type of Needle for Sewing Amigurumi Parts

It may sound counterintuitive, but the type of needle you use plays a crucial role in the success of your amigurumi projects. A blunt-tipped tapestry needle is a far better choice than a sharp one when sewing amigurumi parts.


A sharp needle is more likely to catch on the stuffing inside your plushy as you sew, potentially ruining all your hard work. Using a blunt needle helps prevent accidentally grabbing stuffing and pulling it out as you sew.

Here are my favorite metal tapestry needles.

Insert Your Needle Just Under the Surface of Your Crochet

Sometimes, despite using the right needle, stuffing may still get caught and pulled out by the needle while you are working. To prevent this, insert the needle just under the surface, right behind the stitch you are working on, and no further.

Stop Snagging Stuffing When Sewing Amigurumi Parts

This technique allows you to work under the whole stitch but prevents the needle from going deep enough to grab any stuffing. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep your amigurumi plushies looking pristine.

Add Stuffing at the End of Open Piece Attachments

When sewing open-ended parts to closed parts, it can be a challenge to avoid snagging some of the stuffing with your needle, especially when the stuffing is exposed on the open end. To keep the stuffing out of your way while you work, try this technique: deliberately understuff the open part near the open end before sewing.

Stop Snagging Stuffing When Sewing Amigurumi Parts

Sew approximately ¾ of the way around the attachment, and then add the remaining stuffing before closing it. This approach allows you to firmly stuff your open parts while keeping the stuffing from interfering with the attachment. It’s a game-changer when it comes to achieving a clean and polished finish on your amigurumi creations.

In the enchanting world of amigurumi, the final stitching is where the magic truly happens. The choice of the right needle and the application of the appropriate techniques can make all the difference in your amigurumi projects. By incorporating these tips and techniques into your amigurumi projects, you’ll be well on your way to creating beautiful, flawless stuffed animals that are sure to bring joy to those lucky enough to receive them. Let your amigurumi creations shine!

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Stop Snagging Stuffing When Sewing Amigurumi Parts

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