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August 24th is National Waffle Day! Woohoo! Who doesn’t love waffles!? But the second greatest part about waffles (second only to their buttery goodness) is how they look in crochet form.

Here are some awesome waffle crochet patterns from some of your favorite designers, in no particular order, most of them found with help of www.allfreecrochet.com.

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Crochet Waffles and Ice Cream by Janine Tsakisiris at lincraft.com

Okay, this just makes me hungry….

Waffle Stitch Market Tote by Dorianna Rivelli of The Lavender Chair

A nice textured tote for a new project bag, perhaps?

Waffle Stitch Throw Pillow by Megan Meyer from Left In Knots

Done with bulky yarn, this pillow looks like the best place in the house to settle down for a cup of coffee and a good book — or a nap, your choice.

Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat by Julie from Gleeful Things

I love this combination of airy and chunky. This looks like a great Fall essential.

Alpine Nights Super Scarf by Maria Bittner from Pattern Paradise

I love super scarves! There is just something wonderful about wearing something so large it almost doubles as a blanket and calling it an “accessory” that makes me smile. This one is also unisex, so it makes a great gift for the man in your life as well!

Classic Waffle Stitch Blanket by Kati from Hooked by Kati

Of course, I had to include my video tutorial for the classic waffle stitch blanket.

waffle stitch blanket video tutorial crochet | Hooked by Kati

This makes me not only crave waffles and syrup, but also want to snuggle up with a thick, heavy stitched blanket.

Word of the wise, the waffle stitch is a notorious yarn-eater, so be sure you buy enough of your desired yarn ahead of the project, and I would suggest overestimating what you will need by about 20% to be safe.

Do you have a waffle stitch pattern on your blog? By all means, please add it to the comments section below so we can keep the Waffle Round Up going!

And go check out www.allfreecrochet.com for more ideas and free patterns from all your favorite designers.

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