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Donating Amigurumi To Charity

A talented amigurumi artist uses her crochet talent to raise money for charity and local community organizations. What a great use for those beautiful plushies!

More times than we care to admit, amigurumi artist end up collecting stuffed animals on shelves in their house — often gathering dust. Amigurumi is a really fun way to create crochet art, but finding a home for each plushy can be difficult. Sometimes we end up with shelves of beautiful artwork gathering dust.

But what if you could use your amazing art form to benefit charities close to your heart?

When you are at a loss for what to do with your glorious new art project, donation can be an excellent way to show off your talent and support your community at the same time.

Gryphon Raises $3000 for Charity!

One talented artist has found the perfect way to use her amigurumi art for a good cause. She donates her amigurumi projects to a local charity for them to use in auctions and raffles.

This artist would like to remain anonymous since all of her donations are also done anonymously. 🙂

Recently, she made a plush gryphon using the Anduin the Gryphon pattern and donated it to a local raffle for Wounded Soldiers (Wounded Warriors). Tickets were sold for $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. The winning ticket got to take home her gryphon and the money raised went to the charity.

Well, her beautiful gryphon amigurumi brought in $3005!

You read that right … over THREE THOUSAND dollars!


Her stunning work is playing a huge part making a difference in her community. What an awesome use for amigurumi art!

And this isn’t the first time she has raised thousands with an amazing ami donation. Before her gryphon, a beautiful blue peacock (Regal the Peacock pattern) brought in almost $2000 for the same charity.

And donating her plushies is a common occurrence for this talented artist. She also donates smaller toys to her local fire and police stations to be given to help sooth kids in stressful situations.

What Charity Would You Support?

Any number of charities could use art donations to help service their cause. Local raffles and auctions are a great place to donate. From the looks of it, raffles can make a huge impact by offering a beautiful piece at the cost of only a ticket while also allowing the charity to keep all the proceeds from the item. Win, win!

Wounded Soldiers is a charity close to this artist’s heart.

She donates amigurumi to add some variety to the donations and bring some joy to the soldiers and their families.

“I know a lot of people donate military theme things and I have too, but I think they like things that are a bit more normal base,” she says. “Soldiers live with their demons every day and I try not to add a visual to it. So I look for patterns that comes close to the tattoos I’ve seen on them.”

The gryphon and peacock both fit this criteria nicely.

She added, “It’s a team effort because if not for fabulous designers such as (Hooked by Kati), I’d never be able to do the charities I do. … and (Hooked by Kati) truly ha(s) a lot of fabulous ones to choose from.”

I am so honored that my patterns are adding so much good to the world through this generous artist and others like her.

What a wonderful way to spread the joy of amigurumi in your community.

So which pattern will be your next project and where will you donate it? I would love to know in the comments!

Yarn on,


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  • Lynda (UK)

    I am in the UK, a self-taught Amigurumi enthusiast and am currently making toys for a charity ‘Buttons and Bows Lancaster UK’ where they go to locally bereaved children and/or abused children. The charity does not sell/raffle any of the items donated to them, they are given directly to a child/young person in need of comfort. They support many worthy causes including keeping the local Fire and Police Officers supplied with small comfort dolls as well as sending/taking items abroad. I am thrilled to find your site and the wonderful free patterns. My stash of yarn has come from friends and fellow crocheters so everything is a ‘donation’.

    Thank you.

  • Colleen Hawkins

    I donate my Amigurumi to a couple of charities. One puts it in a kit for children who are in stressful situations. These kits include a book, blanket, stuffed toy, which is where my Amigurumi comes in, hygiene items like towel and washcloth, toothbrush and toothpaste. The kit will also have school supplies for school age children and some other books and toys. The other charity is a hospital that does a fund raiser at Christmas called Festival of Trees for Primary Children’s Hospital. One hundred percent of all the money raised goes to the hospital. I am very grateful for charities. I couldn’t justify spending the money on yarn and making so many Amigurumi toys if I couldn’t donate them to a good cause. I have made 36 toys so far. It has really helped me live through this pandemic.

  • BarbaraAnn

    I donate mine to the local fire and police department. They don’t know my name but they smile when they see me. Knowing I can help put a smile on someone’s face is all the thanks I need.

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