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dracula wine bottle cape | free crochet pattern | hooked by kati
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Dracula Wine Bottle Cape | Free Crochet Pattern

Last year, the idea came up for adding decorations to the wine bottles, and I started making wine bottle covers/wraps to dress them up a bit. So this year, I made a black and red Dracula Wine Bottle Cape. I added it to a dark bottle of Seven Deadly Zins, and it really adds a great pop of color and personality it my bar decor.

Bar decorations are always part of Halloween around here. We have a small bar in the corner of our living room that is always a focal point for guests, so I try to fill it with whimsy over the holidays. It’s fun to direct people to my favorite wine by adding, “It’s the one in the tuxedo,” or “Try the ghost! It’s delicious!”


Red Heart Super Saver yarn, 100% acrylic worsted weight, in Cherry Red and Black.

Furls Odyssey G (4.00 mm) hook

Tapestry needle

2 buttons, about 1/2 inch in diameter

Dracula Wine Bottle Cape Pattern

With BLK, Ch 42.

Row 1: Dc in 4th ch from hook, 39 dc. Turn. (40)

Row 2: Ch 3, 37 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (39)

Row 3: Ch 3, 36 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (38)

Row 4: Ch 3, 35 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (37)

Row 5: Ch 3, 34 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (36)

Row 6: Ch 3, 33 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (35)

Row 7: Ch 3, 32 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (34)

Row 8: Ch 3, 31 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (33)

Row 9: Ch 3, 30 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (32)

Row 10: Ch 3, 29 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (31)

Row 11: Ch 3, 28 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (30)

Row 12: Ch 3, 27 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (29)

Row 13: Ch 3, 26 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (28)

Row 14: Ch 3, 25 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (27)

Row 15: Ch 3, 24 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (26)

Row 16: Ch 3, 23 dc, dc2tog. Turn. (25)

Row 17: Change to RED. Ch 3, dc in same st, 23 dc, 2 dc in top of ch-3. Turn. (27)

Row 18: Ch 3, dc in same st, 25 dc, 2 dc in top of ch-3. Turn. (29)

Row 19: Ch 3, dc in same st, 27 dc, 2 dc in top of ch-3. Turn. (31)

Row 20: Ch 3, dc in same st, 29 dc, 2 dc in top of ch-3. Turn. (33)

Bind off and weave in ends.


With BLK, Ch 11.

Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook, 9 sc. Turn. (10)

Row 2: Ch 1, 10 sc. (10)

Bind off. Using tail at either end of strap, sew buttons to last row on each end. Weave in ends.

Attach strap to cape by inserting buttons through 1st and last st of Row 15. (Second to last black row)

Slide cape over wine bottle with collar popped up.

dracula wine bottle cape | free crochet pattern | hooked by kati

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