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How Tailwind Grew My Pinterest Following 8,000%

Tailwind Got Me Over 1 Million Views a Month on Pinterest

When I started my blog, I was a newb. Heck, I am still a newb. But I hit the ground running, started adding content three times a week, and realized that NO ONE was seeing my amazing, life-changing content! How would my crochet blog change the world if no one ever found my amazing patterns? (Sarcasm is thick here, people.)

The few hits I was getting were coming from two sources: Pinterest and Facebook.

Facebook, I could grow on my own by joining groups and creating one of my own (Hookers and Crafters), but Pinterest would be a different story.

tailwind and how to use them for your etsy business
My actual numbers on Pinterest since starting Tailwind

My Pinterest Story

May 1st, 2018, I was getting an average of 15,000 views a month. Even that was up from my starting 6,000, so I knew I was doing something right. However, I was spending HOURS a day on Pinterest. I pinned every chance I got — in the morning when I got up, while waiting in drive line for my kids to get out of school.

I lived on Pinterest. I learned a lot about how Pinterest works and how I was supposed to spread my pins around.

And even with all my time spent pinning, my audience was missing a large amount of my pins because I was not able to pin at peak times for my audience.

Then I found Tailwind.

In the 6 months I have used Tailwind, I have watched the number of people who see my pins go from that average of 15,000 a month to 1.3 MILLION a month!

Go ahead, check out my Pinterest Page and see for yourself.

I’ve also saved HOURS, allowing me to do all my Pinterest marketing once a week, in about 30 minutes, and leaving the rest of my time free to create.

Because that’s what we really want to be doing, right? Creating.

Yes, it costs a little money, but it is an investment in my blog and my business that I wouldn’t change!

Think about it! I put in a fraction of the time I used to (30 minutes a week!) and I got out of it

LITERALLY 8,000% more people seeing my work!


What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an app and a website that does all the hard work for you. It:

  • Researches peak times for your audience
  • Pins your scheduled pins at those times
  • Gives you access to Tribes (essentially more group boards)
  • Tracks your popular pins and boards
  • Saves you endless amounts of time!

The first thing you need to do is Create Your Pinterest Business account. Fill it with boards that relate to your product and a few that don’t. For more tips on how to get started with Pinterest for your business, check this out. 

Then sign up for Tailwind’s 30 day FREE trial.

That is when I KNEW I wanted it.

Those first 30 days were a real eye opener to how much time I was wasting by doing all my Pinterest marketing myself.

When you are totally hooked on letting Tailwind do the work for you, you can sign up for as low as $9.99 a month. This has paid for itself several times over by now.

This also gets you access to 5 Tribes (think of them as BIG Group Boards), and 30 shares to your Tribes per month.

Find Golden Egg on the blog, get the pattern for free!

Get Started With Tailwind

(This is an affiliate link, which means I get compensation from Tailwind, but this is at not extra cost to you. And it allows me to keep posting free patterns!)

Every week, usually on Tuesdays, I sit down for about 30 minutes and schedule my pins. I schedule pins for my latest blog posts to Group Boards and Tailwind Tribes. The I go into the Group Boards one at a time and pin 3-5 pins from each. Then I got into each Tailwind Tribe and pin 3-5 from each of those.

Remember, the key to Pinterest is not only pinning your own things, but pinning from others as well. Check out this post for more info on that:

Tailwind takes all the things I schedule and filters them into my calendar. With the plan I use, I have 13 pins schedule every day, all at the perfect times for my audience to find them.

I can see on my calendar what is scheduled and when.

tailwind intervals and how to use them for your etsy business

Once I have gone through my own blog posts for the week plus Group Boards and Tailwind Tribes, I have usually scheduled between 60-75 pins, which fills my calendar for the following week.  

And then I forget it until the following Tuesday.

Using Intervals

So you have 10 Group Boards to pin your latest addition. You also want to pin it to three of your own boards. You don’t want to schedule this same pin in 13 places all at once, like you would have to without Tailwind. Then it would be seen by a ton of people and then gone the next minute.

You want to stagger when your latest product/blog is seen so that it reaches the maximum number of people, and maybe even comes up twice on someone’s feed, attracting more attention.

Tailwind allows you to set an interval between when the pin will be scheduled in those 13 places.

tailwind intervals and how to use them for your etsy business

Say, you set the interval at 12 hours, so each pin will post 12 hours apart on the Group Boards you have chosen and on your own boards.

And you didn’t have to remember where you pinned it, when, or how often. You can just set all the Boards at once, set the interval, and then not worry about it again.

Tailwind Summary

tailwind for your handmade business

In summation, I have watched my Pinterest presence grow 8,000% over the last 6 months, only putting in 30 minutes a week, all thanks to Tailwind.

I’ve watched my blog traffic and my Etsy traffic grow.

And my new goal is to hit 2 MILLION views per month on Pinterest by January 1st, 2019.

With Tailwind, I think I have a shot.

Yarn on,


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